The Stitched Shoes & An Irish Wristwatch Live Challenge

To celebrate and shout about the release of the new studio album “Stitched Shoes & an Irish Wristwatch” through Secret Chord Records on 12th January 2018, maverick musician Buswell held a launch gig in his hometown Swindon.

Typically for a Buswell project however, this was not going to be your average album launch gig. Never one to make it easy for himself, for this outing Shaun set himself a new challenge – to perform the new album live, in its entirety, recreating it using EVERY instrument recorded. That was around 20 musicians performing a total of 144 individual parts in 45 minutes. Support for the show came from very special guests Charlie Bath and Sun & The Rain Men

Shaun didn’t complete this challenge. The first one he’s failed. He was one instrument short – a second trumpet/flugelhorn. So one score sat on the floor, unplayed. He will attempt this challenge again in September 2018.