Buswell & Nyberg’s Paris Orchestra Challenge

Shaun Buswell & Erik Nyberg’s new orchestra challenge completed in Paris! 

On 1st April Shaun & Erik arrived in Paris, France. In just 9 days they :

  • Formed a 27 piece orchestra from strangers they met
  • Wrote and arranged new music with these musicians
  • Performed and recorded a studio album in Paris, on Sunday 9th April at legendary studio Les Studios Ferber
  • They are currently mixing the album in Gothenburg, as well as making a documentary and live studio movie about the entire challenge which was filmed by Mat Green from mhgMusicVideos)

For more information about the challenge, e-mail [email protected]

Tour poster by David Cousens (Cool Surface)

2 thoughts on “Buswell & Nyberg’s Paris Orchestra Challenge

  1. Guy W. Stoker says:

    Hi. That does sound like an exciting challenge. If I can be part of it I’d be happy to be.

  2. herbaut says:

    I remain especially affected by their performance. Not only the quality of their art and the incredible efforts they afforded, but indeed such a purity so rare today in the exchange of emotions , with a beautiful simplicity that does not affect what makes them so charming. The concept is beautiful, the result as surprising as moving. Generosity, life in a purely ephemeral moment, just true-to-life.

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