Buswell (The Band)

Buswell is a UK based act playing folk, orchestral & indie music. They have featured on MTV, VH1, XFM & BBC, reached #1 in Amazon’s Hot 100 chart & performed live with a full symphony orchestra. 

Summing up the band, and the music of Buswell, is an enigma in and of itself. Shaun Buswell is a singer/songwriter with a band larger than a football squad. He scores all the written musical parts himself but cannot read a note of music. He performs with a line-up that is in double figures and includes classical string, brass and woodwind sections; it’s something akin to taking a movie filmscore and condensing it into a folky pop song. Buswell has also now become known for completing musical challenges, often involving strangers, with Erik Nyberg from Last Box Of Sparklers and Sun & The Rain Men.

They have formed a 68 piece orchestra from strangers on the London Underground, as well as pop-up orchestras at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival & Glastonbury Festival. They have also created pop-up orchestras around the UK in their 10 Day Orchestra Challenges in 2015 and 2016. In 2017, they recorded an album of 12 songs in 6 hours with 27 strangers in Paris. Some members of these orchestras also now perform with Buswell. One big happy family. Buswell have performed with acts such as Foals, Frank Turner, Amy MacDonald & Baxter Dury, whilst completing multiple tours of UK & Europe, getting playlisted on MTV, reaching number 1 on the Amazon Hot 100 CD singles chart, as well as being heard on XFM and BBC’s radiowaves.

Their latest album Stitched Shoes & An Irish Wristwatch was recorded over a 7 year period & was produced by Erik Nyberg.

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