The Stitched Shoes & An Irish Wristwatch Live Challenge

To celebrate and shout about the release of the new studio album Stitched Shoes & an Irish Wristwatch by Buswell in late 2017 there will be the inevitable glorious tour. Typically for a Buswell project however, this is not going to be your average jaunt around the country. 

For this outing, Shaun has set himself a new challenge – each show on the tour will be a 45 minute performance of the new album in its entirety. But he must recreate it using EVERY instrument recorded.

The tour will be undertaken by Shaun and his ubiquitous partner in crime Erik Nyberb, and involve a small core group of touring musicians, but the majority of the band/orchestra will have to be formed from local musicians, so there will be a strong local link. 

In total, each 45 minute show will have to include at least 12 musicians performing a total of 119 individual instrumental parts. Including an Erhu (an ancient Chinese instrument). If Shaun misses one instrument on any show, he fails the challenge.

Could this be his toughest challenge yet?

Click here for more information on tour dates.