The Stitched Shoes & An Irish Wristwatch Live Challenge

To celebrate and shout about the release of the new studio album “Stitched Shoes & an Irish Wristwatch” through Secret Chord Records on 1st December 2017, maverick musician Buswell is holding a launch gig in his hometown Swindon.

Typically for a Buswell project however, this is not going to be your average album launch gig. After all, Shaun is the man who created the 68 piece 12.12.12 Underground Orchestra from strangers he met on the London,Underground, formed a 24 piece orchestra at the Edinburgh Fringe of 2014, and formed the Pilton Pop-Up Orchestra at Glastonbury 2015. He also toured the country in 2015 and 2016 with partner in crime Erik Nyberg creating pop-up orchestras from sustainable, locally sourced musicians and earlier this year formed a 27 piece orchestra from strangers they met in Paris, writing and recording an album of 12 songs in 6 hours.

So, never one to make it easy for himself, for this outing Shaun has set himself a new challenge – to perform the new album live, in its entirety, recreating it using EVERY instrument recorded. That’s around 20 musicians performing a total of 144 individual parts in 45 minutes. If he misses one instrument, he fails the challenge. The consequences of that are yet to be calculated. To make things harder, whilst the performance will involve some of the core group of musicians who performed on the album, due to the multiple layers and the fact the recordings were made over a number of years much of the orchestra will have to be formed from local musicians, sourced in the run up to the event…

Support for the show comes from very special guests Charlie Bath and Sun & The Rain Men. Tickets available here.